Introduction of culture,tourism in Suzhou Jiangsu

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Option 2: Shanghai-Suzhou

1、The Humble Administrator’s Garden

The Humble Administrator’s Garden is known as “Four Famous Gardens” in China and included in the “World Heritage List” by the UNESCO. The whole garden is water-centered, with green hills, delicate pavilions and lush flowers and trees, full of poetic and pictorial splendor and rich features of the south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River. 

2、Suzhou Museum

Founded in 1960 and originally located in the national historic landmark, Zhong Wang Fu palace complex, Suzhou Museum has been a highly-regarded regional museum with a number of significant Chinese cultural relics. The design of this new museum visually complements the traditional architecture of Zhong Wang Fu. The new museum houses over 30000 cultural relics --- most notably for excavated artifacts, Ming and Qing Dynasty paintings and calligraphy, and ancient arts and crafts.。 

3、Suzhou Silk Culture

Suzhou is not only a city with exquisite gardens and grand canals, but also famous for the silk here. In the Tang (618~907) and the Song (960~1297) Dynasties, Suzhou has been the center of silk products in China; and in Ming (1368~1644) and Qing (1644~1912) Dynasties, most of high quality silk fabrics for royal families were made in Suzhou. Hence, Suzhou is called “the City of Silk”. Nowadays, Suzhou is one of the most abundant and systematic cities in the history of silk production, silk samples and silk craft archives.